Conversation Cafes

Conversation Cafes- a relaxing environment, a real chance to converse around ideas of learning about education that interest you. Fully participatory. Just a time created for you to engage, talk, and sip on our signature citrus water or fruit teas. An engaging way to create learning for ourselves. Suggest a topic by going to our Sign Up and Share an Idea area. We are seeking  interesting locations for us to meet in and learning more about the richness and heritage of our communities. You may be asked to bring a lawn chair or water bottle.

An Introduction to the Pedagogical Practices of Reggio Emilia

Join in the conversation on Wednesday, July 13 2016 with a group of people who are interested in reflecting on the ideas of Reggio Emilia’s Infant and Toddler Centres in Northern Italy.

A beautiful, interesting space has been chosen in Carleton Place and once you register you will be given directions to the location of this Conversation Cafe. Enjoy some iced fruit tea in a setting that will leave you inspired. You will need to bring a lawn chair but will not need bug repellant!

Reflective discussions will be held with the study of each of the main pedagogical practices of the Reggio Emilia approach, our own experience of the pedagogy, and how we might use the ideas in our own context. A conversation for those who work with children and parents in childcare, schools, or other early years programs. All perspectives are welcome.

Date: Wednesday, July 13 2016

Time: 7pm-8:30pm

Location: known once registered

Registration: $15 per person payable by e transfer to or prior arrangement with Kathy by email

Let us know what you thought of our time together…

These spaces of time and place are created for meaningful conversations around topics you want to explore with others who are interested in the same ideas…..light refreshments, special spaces, thoughtful idea exchange on a variety of topics.